Chef Cheung Kin Nam 张健南 Dim Sum Chef, Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant

Chef Cheung Kin Nam is Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant’s resident dim sum chef. Affectionately known as Chef Nam, he has over 30 years of experience in the culinary industry, distinguishing himself in the art of delicate and innovative dim sum and pastries.

Native to Guangdong, his experience stems from various restaurants having worked in China and Hong Kong. He started off as a dim sum apprentice and trained from bottom up to become a master of desserts and confectionaries. It is no wonder that his signature creation, Xin’s mini baked egg custard mooncake heralds as a bestseller for years. The delectable handcrafted gem embodies the versatility and creativity of Chef Nam’s passion as a dim sum chef.

Chef Nam’s expertise lies in Cantonese cuisine, and he is known for his innovative and authentic dishes that are made with the freshest ingredients. He is passionate about using traditional cooking techniques to create modern and sophisticated dishes that are both visually stunning and delicious. Apart from dim sum and mooncakes, Chef Nam is fondly coined as the hotel’s festive chef as he is not only in charge of mooncakes, but rice dumplings for dragon boat festival and radish cakes for Chinese New Year.



Chef Dennis Teo, Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant

"A high level of patience is needed for ART." – Chef Teo

Chef Dennis Teo has over 30 years of culinary experience. He started honing his skills since 21 years old to fulfil his childhood dream of becoming a chef.

As a passionate creator, Chef Teo finds satisfaction in the art of food plating. His greatest sense of achievement is being able to assist the Head Chef in creating new dishes which guests from near and far appreciate. For example - Sautéed Truffle Mushroom and Smoked Duck Salsa and Chilled Charcoal Beef Ball. As someone who loves food plating, he was also part of an ice sculptor team in his younger days and that won him 2nd prize in a competition that took place in China.


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