Delight in the allure of romance at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, your sanctuary for unforgettable nuptial celebrations. Our graceful ballrooms, equipped with immersive state-of-the-art amenities, offer the quintessential backdrop for both intimate solemnisations and grand wedding banquets. Situated in the heart of Singapore near Tiong Bahru, Outram Park, and Havelock MRT stations, our venue ensures that sophistication and convenience embrace you and your honoured guests. Indulge in elegance and exceptional service today.

4 Intimate Wedding Venues in Singapore to Get Married At


Experience matrimonial grandeur in the Atrium Ballroom at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, an enclave meticulously designed to host both intimate wedding ceremonies and opulent banquets. With the capacity to accommodate up to 400 esteemed guests, our expansive wedding venue ensures that no cherished friend or family member need be left off your guest list.

Adorned with an intelligent lighting system, the ballroom emanates a magical aura, perfect for that ethereal walk down the aisle. But it's not just the lighting; intricate architectural details and refined décor create a backdrop that marries sophistication with romance. A cornucopia of textures, from the luxurious carpets underfoot to the sumptuous fabrics draping the walls, contributes to a sensory experience that's nothing short of extraordinary.


For couples seeking a perfect blend of sophistication and intimacy in a wedding venue, the Changi Room at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium is the epitome of understated elegance. Exquisitely designed to host romantic celebrations, this splendid room illuminates your matrimonial joy with an abundance of natural light streaming through its striking floor-to-ceiling windows. These grand windows not only brighten the room but also frame a mesmerising panoramic backdrop of the Singapore skyline, rendering your vows truly unforgettable.

The Changi Room doesn't merely stop at offering visual appeal; it encapsulates a holistic sensory experience. Lavish furnishings and decor meticulously selected for their romantic connotations adorn the interior, while architectural elements elevate the room's aesthetic to a realm of transcendent beauty. High-quality acoustics further embellish your ceremony, allowing every whispered "I do" to resonate profoundly. With a maximum capacity of 240 guests, the wedding venue offers ample space for an intimate gathering or a more expansive celebration.


Embrace the quintessence of romance and intimacy at the Changi Terrace, an idyllic gem among wedding venues in Singapore. Designed for those who seek to defy the ordinary, this al fresco sanctuary is enveloped by Singapore's lush, verdant foliage, offering a dreamy setting that can metamorphose into your very own enchanted garden for your special day.

Tailored for intimate celebrations, this open-air locale serves as a magnificent canvas for creative nuptial expressions — from captivating outdoor solemnisations to twilight cocktail receptions. Imagine exchanging vows with a backdrop of flourishing greenery, or toasting your future under the subtle glow of the setting sun. As night falls, envision a candlelit soirée beneath the celestial tapestry of the cool evening skies.

The Changi Terrace offers impeccable attention to detail, from its sophisticated architectural elements to its tasteful décor. Each design feature complements the natural beauty surrounding you, contributing to an atmosphere of relaxed yet refined elegance. With a maximum capacity of 60 guests, this wedding venue ensures a sense of exclusivity, making your celebration not just an event, but a lifetime memory.


For couples desiring a sumptuous fusion of tradition and elegance in a wedding venue, Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium offers an unparalleled gastronomic and aesthetic experience. Celebrate your union amid the intimate grandeur of Oriental-style decor, which elegantly marries classic Chinese elements with contemporary flair.

Your solemnisation here becomes a palatial affair, emphasised by award-winning Cantonese dishes. The curated menus showcase a panoply of flavours, from succulent roast duck to delectable braised abalone and fragrant glutinous rice. Every dish is a testament to culinary artistry, making your banquet not just a meal, but a feast for the senses.

With a seating capacity of up to 138 guests, Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant offers a spacious yet intimate wedding venue ideal for exclusive gatherings or larger family celebrations. Your guests will relish not only the exquisite food but also the mesmerising ambiance, which turns every moment into a cherished memory. Allow us to make you and your loved ones feel like royalty, elevating your nuptial celebration into a sublime tapestry of taste, tradition, and transcendent romance.


Envision your ethereal union at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, where dream weddings come to life. Our versatile wedding and solemnisation packages not only cater to traditional Chinese, Malay, and Indian ceremonies but are also artfully designed to personalise your romantic narrative. Your glimpse into this unparalleled wedding venue begins with our meticulously curated wedding themes — each offering a distinct backdrop, whether you seek the timeless grace of classic romance or the dynamic hues of a modern love story. These comprehensive offerings blend splendid decor, world-class gastronomy, and superlative service, assuring an extraordinary festivity that reverberates with your personal touch. Every intricate detail — be it floral arrangements or culinary preferences — is tended to with impeccable care.

To commence your bespoke wedding journey, get in touch with us for more information on venue availability. With Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, your wedding becomes not just a ceremony, but a soul-stirring symphony of love and lifelong memories.

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